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An environmentally friendly hydrogen powered passenger train connecting the Pattullo Bridge in Surrey to Chilliwack

TransLink has once again made an appeal to our Provincial Government for access to MORE taxation sources in the region. This is Shorthand for taking more tax dollars out of your pocket.

We say NO, until two things happen:

  1. Determine the NET COVID-19 effect on Transit. What are our needs and priorities, for lower mainland inter-regional transit? What are the value options?
  2. Hold TransLink to a stringent financial oversight review, measuring value for money before considering any request for more tax dollars!

Let’s glance back in history – A short 5 years ago the people of Metro Vancouver went through a then provincial government mandated plebiscite on TransLink.

The Mayors of the region wanted support for a $7.5 Billion regional transportation plan. They asked for support for a a 0.5% sales tax to fund Metro Vancouver’s share of major infrastructure projects. A Mail in ballot was called – 759,696 votes were cast!

The answer?


(2015 plebiscite, 61.7% no / 38.4% yes)

TransLink Tax and Spend is out of control.

Why the push to spend $3,200,000,000 of public dollars when $252,500,000 (just 8%) would provide better service, better value and serve more people South of the Fraser? Yes, the Interurban Rail would accomplish all that and more.

The Hidden Cost of TransLink: Did You Know?

Parking Tax
Now 24% (adds 15 cents/hr. to average $5/hr. per Parking Stall

Property Tax
7% (Incr. 3% per yr. of the TransL. Prop. Tax base per yr.)

Gas Tax
18.5 cents a litre (Highest gas taxes in North America)

Transit User Fees
Single use +5 cents to 10 cents/Day Pass +25 cents/monthly passes + $2 – $3.

BC Hydro Transit Levy
TransLink brought the regional trans. levy (utility tax on monthly B.C. Hydro Bill) back in 2006. Today that amount is $0.0624 cents per day for a regular single-family dwelling or $1.87 month. There are 960,890 occupied private dwellings in the region equaling $1,798,786. per month or $21,585,432. per yr.

Development Cost Charges (NEW Metro Vancouver)

effective Jan. 15th, 2020effective Jan. 1 st , 2021
Single family$2,100 / unit$2,975 / unit
Duplex$1,900 / unit$2,470 / unit
Townhouse$1,900 / unit$2,470 / unit
Apartment$1,200 / unit$1,545 / unit
Retail/serv$1.25 / ft2$1.25 / ft2
Office$1.25 / ft2$1.25 / ft2
Institutional$0.50 / ft2$0.50 / ft2
Industrial$0.30 / ft2$0.30 / ft2

Note: Introduced in 2018, rates come into effect Jan.15 2020 and increase in 2021. This Development Cost Charge fee is just another tax, which makes housing that much more unaffordable to hard working residents trying to afford their first home.

TransLink does not have a revenue problem.

TransLink has a SPENDING problem.

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