South Fraser Community RAIL

An environmentally friendly hydrogen powered passenger train connecting the Pattullo Bridge in Surrey to Chilliwack

The Inter-urban Rail Corridor is protected for future passenger rights at NO COST for its use

South Fraser Community Rail is a 99 KM Passenger Right-of-Way, owned by the taxpayer.

We have a unique transportation option saved and protected for us: PASSENGER RIGHTS from Pattullo Bridge thru to Chilliwack. A previous Provincial Government had the vision and foresight to ink the protection of the existing rail line into the agreement that sold the B.C. Hydro Freight Division in 1988. This corridor of land is legally and rightfully protected for the citizens of B.C. to be reactivated for passenger use at no cost.


The Interurban Corridor was launched in 1910 at a cost of just over $3 Million. It opened-up the Fraser Valley and the communities in it over 100 years ago and allowed for the establishment of a 99 Km rail line between the Pattullo Bridge and Chilliwack.

This rail line was used for passenger travel until 1950 when it reverted to freight use only. A Master Agreement exists that covers what is known as the Joint Section (the Pratt Livingston Corridor – roughly 232nd Street thru to Cloverdale). This Master Agreement came about due to the B.C. Government’s sale (1988) of the B.C. Hydro Freight Division, which included rolling stock and rails but NOT the corridor of land. The land was retained along with the rights for future rail passenger use.

The Master Agreement includes two very important protective clauses:

  1. The Master Agreement protects the passenger rights use of this corridor (Joint Section) at NO COST
  2. Should double tracking be required on the joint section due to use of the corridor for freight AND passenger service, that double tracking will be done at CP’s expense