South Fraser Community RAIL

An environmentally friendly hydrogen powered passenger train connecting the Pattullo Bridge in Surrey to Chilliwack


Six Communities Endorse South Fraser Community Rail Project

Almost four-in-five residents say they are likely to rely on the service for work or leisure, including 81% of those who drive a vehicle.

Vancouver, BC [May 20, 2021] – A proposal to reactivate a rail corridor for daily passenger service using hydrogen powered trains is very popular among residents of six British Columbia municipalities, a new Research Co. poll conducted on behalf of the South Fraser Community Rail Society has found.

In the online survey of a representative sample of residents of six provincial communities, 88% of respondents say they support the South Fraser Community Rail project.

At least three-in-four respondents in each community are in favour of the project, including: 93% in Abbotsford, 89% in Chilliwack, 85% in North Delta, 83% in North Surrey, 82% in the Township of Langley, and 76% in the City of Langley.

A Hydrogen Powered Passenger Train for BC

We propose connecting all communities from Surrey to Chilliwack with a state-of-the-art passenger rail service on the 99 km Interurban Corridor. The proposed line would utilize Canadian hydrogen fuel cell technology and create an emissions-free transportation corridor for the Fraser Valley.

Connecting Surrey to Chilliwack

Passenger Rail will connect 16 communities, serving post secondary schools, airports and industrial parks.
Community rail is an immediate high-tech, low-cost solution to a number of regional transit and community design challenges.

A low-cost transportation solution

Connect the entire region for less than 10% of the cost per km of the proposed Surrey SkyTrain extension, while serving 10 times the population.

A 99 km Passenger Right-of-Way

The 99 km interurban corridor was protected for passenger rights in 1988. Today, it’s being used only for freight!
The corridor is well-maintained, and available to us today at no cost.

Supported by UBC research:

Reviving Communities for a Sustainable Fraser Valley: Organizing Affordable Housing and Mobility Around the B.C. Electric Interurban Rail Line (2019)


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