South Fraser Community RAIL

An environmentally friendly hydrogen powered passenger train connecting the Pattullo Bridge in Surrey to Chilliwack

A Cost-Effective Transportation Solution

A Passenger Rail Line using the existing Inter-urban Corridor represents less than 10% of the cost per Km of the Surrey to Langley SkyTrain proposal, while serving 10 times the population.

All municipalities retain the right-of-way for passenger use on this corridor, representing a unique no-cost-for-use opportunity for the communities south of the Fraser.

Skytrain/LRT actual costs:
Surrey LRT – $157,142,857 PER KM
Broadway Extension / Subway to Arbutus – $487,931,034 PER KM
Surrey Center to Langley City (Projected) – $157,142,857 PER KM
West Coast Express (North of the River):
Translink pays $20,000,000 per year to lease from CP Rail

South Fraser Community Rail
99 km from Scott Road to Chilliwack, projected cost
$12,500,000 PER KM

$0 Cost For Use
Because of the Passenger Use Right-of-Way.