South Fraser Community RAIL

An environmentally friendly hydrogen powered passenger train connecting the Pattullo Bridge in Surrey to Chilliwack

Transit advocates call for hydrogen trains on century-old Fraser Valley rail corridor

Translink in early stages of examining whether interurban rails could be used for public transit. Article in CBC News: As a long freight train thunders past Rick Green along the Langley Bypass, he can’t help but wonder why the century-old tracks aren’t being used to transport commuters.“How come this hasn’t happened?” asks Green, who is …

Former Langley Mayor: Wider Highway 1 Wont Fix Traffic Problem

In response to The Progress article titled “Highway 1 widening in Chilliwack”: It is a popular political notion that Highway 1 widening is overdue, and that it will go a long way to solving our traffic problem. The first part of that is true. I’ve had to deal with this issue myself 8 years ago …

Metro Vancouver’s old interurban line could be revived as hydrogen-powered commuter rail system

“We’re going to be actively working on this. Perhaps there will be a benefit to North Delta with its proximity to the old urban line. It would be a great benefit to Fraser Valley communities.” Bill Vander Zalm, former Premier of BC Full Article printed in the Delta Optimist:

Letter: Former Langley Mayor Endorses South Fraser Community Rail

When the BC Government sold off the B.C. Hydro Freight Division in 1988, they had the foresight to protect the rail corridor for future passenger use. The passenger rights to this line, from Pattullo Bridge to Chilliwack, are still legally retained for the citizens of B.C.  A 99 km state-of-the-art Community Rail Passenger Service will …

The world’s first hydrogen-powered passenger train became fully operational in Germany this past November.

The trains, named Coradia iLint and manufactured by Alstom, can cover up to 1,000 kilometres (621 miles) with one tank of hydrogen, and can reach a maximum speed of up to 140 kilometres per hour. Though the trains are pricier upfront compared to old diesel engines, hydrogen fuel cells have many advantages over batteries.

UBC prof and students study passenger rail through Langley

Article in the Langley Advance Times: People used to catch the British Columbia Electric Railway car in Langley and ride the trains all the way into Vancouver. The railway, called the Interurban, ran from 1890 to 1958 between Chilliwack and Vancouver.The South Fraser Community Rail group wants politicians to bring back passenger rail on …